About us

Gas Art was formed in 2010, approximately 100 years after the first gas stations began operating around the world. Together with the mass production of the motor vehicle, the gas station quickly became part of everyone’s life. As competition grew, the oil companies began experimenting with new building design, better locations, new colourful logos, giveaways, additional product lines and full motor vehicle mechanical service. Gas Art was created to capture these golden years.

Gas Art sources its products literally from everywhere, that is, from the local garage sale to auction houses around the world. Products are brought into our warehouse where we actively bring them up to our quality standard for sale. We endeavour to describe and visualise our goods as accurate as possible. As new stock comes in, we’ll attempt to download them to this site on a regular basis.

Prices of our goods are exclusive of postage. We have provided our customers with a summary to determine the final cost. Please note that shipping is charged on a per item basis. Overseas buyers, please bear in mind fuel and currency prices affect postage rates and therefore may change without notice. Once payment is processed, we will despatch goods within 24 hrs.